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Contact Name :*Mobile Phone:* Office Phone: E-mail:*Company Name / Registration # & Address (Quotation/Invoice/Receipt Purposes):Please Send Me These Documents To My Email : 1/3nextBooking/Event Date must be made with a minimum of 3 days before actual event date with full payment made.

Booking/Event Date:*Booking Time (24H): * : Booking Hours
Monday – Sunday (08:00-19:00)

Night Game Hours
Monday – Saturday (19:00-late)
Minimum 6 Pax To Book

#1 : Enjoy the morning breeze.
09:00am is the best time to start your event. Not too hot,
and ends up by noon which is just nice to end the day for your
other activities.

#2 : Early declaration of your event time.
If we need to start by 09:00am, inform your friends to arrive by 08:00am.
It might sound too early but we still need some time to do SAFETY BRIEFING & GAMEPLAY RULINGS which easily
takes up 30 mins. There’s also another thing called “Malaysian Time”

#3 : Freshen up.
Ask your colleagues/friends to bring extra clothings to change
after the event. Paintballs leaves markings on light coloured clothings,
but it’s washable. We have shower rooms here as well. You’ll be surprised how ‘colourful’ you’ll get after the game.

#4 : Team up.
Group up your players into teams before event day. It’ll be faster for the event to proceed. Really.

#5 : GPS/Waze/Google Maps
Share location with everyone the day before. We would like to do the SAFETY BRIEFING ONCE, with everyone present at the same time.

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