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Welcome to the first step, of your addiction to paintball…

“Hi there! Welcome to WTF – Werd Training Facility newbie (new players) walk-thru page. Good to see you picking up this sport, or at least having the first attempt playing one of the most exciting game today : Paintball.
You must be excited by now, but not sure how it’s played, what to expect once arrival, and what’s the rules like, do’s & dont’s, etc.
Well let’s walk-thru this page and let us introduce you to the wonderful world of paintball!”
Andrew Loh
Owner WTF – Werd Training Facility
World Paintball Players League, Werd Format, Cap3 Format Founder.


< Goggles / Mask

Your No.1 safety equipment in paintball.


You can’t play without one, at all times. Make sure your goggles are on at all times inside the field, no matter what situation.
Be it foggy lenses, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, you cannot remove it at all times once you’ve stepped into the field.
Our Safety Briefing will guide you more on other safety matters.

Barrel Socks >

It’s the next safety equipment you need to know. Barrel socks are placed in front of the barrel tip to protect others from accidental shots. When handling a paintball marker, do not place your finger into the trigger guard.
We will brief you on marker handling during Safety Briefing.


We provide vest to all players. It’s optional but it’s good to have extra protection. It helps.
Long sleeves/pants & sports shoes are recommended. Paintballs will stain your clothings, but it’s washable. Do bring extra clothings to change after game, we have shower rooms available.


This is your paintball marker. Comes with a hopper (where you store paintballs) and installed with a high-pressure 3000psi tank. Please attend the Safety Briefing (compulsory) and we will guide you on how to use it.



Well ventilated with lots of standing fans blasting away cool breeze on you.


60Take a seat in our cozy Player’s Seating area.
Meanwhile, watch other people play while waiting for your friends to arrive. As both fields are just right next to you.


You will be asked to fill in the Indemnity Form.
Everyone need to read & understand the Terms & Conditions stated, and fill up the needed particulars in the form.


This is a mandatory procedure for all paintball fields.
We will brief you on equipment usage, games & safety rulings.
Please be attentive, we need your full cooperation and attention during this briefing.

Remember, we care for your safety! Communicate...Communicate....Communicate...... That's very important in a paintball game.


A further briefing will be done inside the field to let the players get familiarised with the layout of the field, the starting procedure and game play.
Players will be given 10 minutes to ‘walk-the-field’ and plan their strategies.


Time to play! Team up with your friends/colleague to take out your opponents in the field!
Communicate is one of the main factor of winning, give information to your teammates so they can work more efficiently!
Yell, shout, protect, cover, relay information, aim, shoot, crawl, run, kneel, grab the flag! touch base! win the game!
A great module for team building! Get together! Achieve your targets! Unite your people! Laugh it out! Sweat it out at Werd Training Facility!


Referees will instruct you when to remove the barrel socks and when to 'arm' your markers. Listen carefully. Rated as the best toilet facility in all paintball fields. Air-Conditioned.


Needless to say, Paintball is an intense and energy exertion sports. You will perspire profusely after a game and don’t forget to hydrate yourself after every game.
Don’t worry about heading back home with sweaty and sticky clothings, freshen up as we have shower rooms provided on-site!
3 cubicles for men and 2 for the ladies, air-conditioned for your comfort!


Remember your belongings & double-check your seating area right before you leave.



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