WTF Paintball Field

Malaysia’s Favourite Field!

Let’s see how we can cater for you!


 Rated as one of the most ‘upgraded’ field in Malaysia with the most minor details looked into. Werd Training Facility (WTF) is operated by one of the most seasoned paintballer in the industry, Mr. Andrew Loh from Werdna Hol Sportz. With the growing demands for a more competitive ground for serious competition players, this facility was setup just for that. This facility also caters for any casual weekend players and corporates as it’s facilities provided are ‘up to standard’ to most.

Werd Training Facility (WTF) isn’t like any other fields you’ve been to. It’s operated and planned by real paintballers, therefore you can be sure this site has one of the best SAFETY practices around not to mention the facilities provided.
We do what we love most, and we upped the level of paintball in Malaysia. Come and try out this facility, it’s a phenomenal setup!


Our new location is situated in Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort, the best bet for your outing with your friends, families and colleagues! With an upgraded facility added with super huge spaces for bigger groups and events now! Your requests and demands are our reason we moved! Teamed together with Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort, we are able to cater a super location for your events. Our new range of activities include ATV, ATV for Kids, Archery, Canoeing, Bike Rides, Paddle Boat, Animal Island and a resort with pool facilities bunched together to keep your families (and kids) occupied! 


-Kuala Lumpur’s first carpeted paintball field. No more mud and dirt!
-First paintball facility in Malaysia uses grass turf field.
-Nice, lush green surrounding. The facility was designed with a “speedball in the woods” concept.
-Toilet Facility, changing/shower rooms air-conditioned.
-Gazetted BBQ area.


-Spectator area with superb view of the playing field.
-Trained staffs with the most updated SAFETY issues.
-Certified First-Aid staffs
-Operated by well known industry player since 2004, and still involved!
-Strictest Rulings on SAFETY issues. Yes, we are known for that!
-Government Certified First-Aid kits on standby 24/7.
-Selection of quality paintballs only. No lousy and crappy paintballs.
-Our high-pressured 300bar/4500psi tanks are hydro-tested to 10 years (2011-2021)
-Our compressors are serviced according to manufacturer specifications and ONLY serviced by manufacturer’s official dealers.
-Our machinery parts are purchased & replaced with the correct manufacturer’s specs. No short-cuts and cost savings when it comes to SAFETY.
-The first event organiser that checks on customer’s equipments before commencing events. Trimming all dangerous possibilities.
-We pass our knowledge to everyone,anyone, on our equipment usage so customers have a better understanding on how things works.
The more they know the more we gain!


Other additional Add-On Services to Werd Training Facility (On Request):
-Professional Photographers / Videographers
-Customise your event medals/trophies for your winners!
-Backdrop Banner (19ft x 4 ft) for a big impact for your prize giving ceremony!  
-In-House Paintball Coaches for those who wants to take a step further into the sports!
-In-House Fitness Instructor
-New goggles for each participant. More hygienic & clearer view. (Subject to stock availability)
-Special designed tents for/during event use.
-Air-Conditioned booths.
-Clowns, Dancers, Magician, Paintball Target Shooting arena, Performers, Emcee, Deejays.
-Rock-Climbing Walls.

 NEW! Drone services by “Winter Fly From Above”. Checkout his services at Facebook.
 Capture your event from above!


Besides having a paintball match with your friends or colleagues, there’s more you can do in WTF – Werd Training Facility.
Such as :

– Children’s Birthday Party
– Outdoor classes or seminars. Back to nature, within the city!
– Telematch for your outings. It ain’t easy to find greeneries in the city these days, comes with good toilet    facilities too!
– Product launching where big spaces are needed.
– Any other outdoor activities, we can clear off the props to cater for your events!
– How about organising an internal game between your departments, branches or even with your business allies?
  We have done corporates, government and education sectors and they LOVE IT! 

Drop by for a visit!


What we need to know about your event is :-
(1) Event Date (Date & Days Involved)
(2) Pax (How many attending – players & non-players)
(3) How many teams.(Some teams can be setup as 3-man, 4-man,5-man or 7-man per team)
(4) How many games you would like to play (Recommended 100 paintballs/player/game, with a good 4-preliminary rounds) Browse around to find out more!
(5) Customisation of the tournament scheduling/format/timing,etc.
(6) Any of the “Add-On Services” needed.